Production of sheet metal products
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Professional processing of sheet metal


Professional processing of sheet metal

Technical support

We start working with our customers from the design phase of the product. Our experienced technicians propose modifications and improvements to the customer's design in order to maintain the required product function and improve technological manufacturability, thus achieving stable production quality and minimising production costs.

For this we use 3D software Solid Edge and programming software Jet Cam. The result of this cooperation is long-term customer satisfaction with quality of deliveries at favourable prices.

CNC punching and forming

Our CNC punching machines Prima Power enable productive punching and forming of sheets to dimensions 1 500mm x 3 000mm. To achieve high productivity and minimizing product damage we use automated metal sheet handling.

The tools allow us to create simple shapes – rectangle, circle, as well as more complicated curves or form countersinking, ribbing, stamping or threads forming

CNC Laser cutting

We use modern machine CNC Prima Power Platino Fiber with automatic sheet metal handling. The machine enables productively cutting of various types of material with dimensions up to 1 500mm x 3 000mm and thickness up to 15mm.

CNC bending

On BAYKAL CNC hydraulic bending machines, we bend the products to the required final shape. The machine achieves bending force of up to 160 tons and the bent length of the product can be from a few mm up to 3 000mm.

We can bend the product with length up to cca 600 mm on robotic bending cell with the bending press Safan Darley.

Vibratory finishing

In order to achieve the desired appearance of the products or smoothing of the sharp edges of the products, we use surface treatment using tumbling elements of different forms and materials.

Crimping of connecting elements

We make pressing of various connecting elements – screws, nuts, spacers


We perform spot welding or electric arc welding.

Powder coating

To create the top layer we use electrostatic application of powder paint to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance of the product or its corrosion protection.

The benefits of powder coating

  1. Better chemical and anti-corrosion properties of the surface
  2. More aesthetic appearance

Screen printing

On the surface of the products we can create the required text or graphic description up to A4 or A3 size and can be done in several colours.

Assembling / Electromechanical assembling

We perform assembling of various mechanical products, such as cabinets, frames, … using screw or rivet connections. We also do electrical installation, where we also mechanically assemble various cables, connectors, heatsinks or other electrical components into sheet metal assemblies.